xCAP is an independent active investment firm based in Zurich, Switzerland, specializing in institutional investment solutions. As an active investor, xCAP is experienced and well-connected, with a focus on creating sustainable value.

xCAP develops, structures, negotiates, implements, and executes bespoke investment strategies, integrating xCAP’s innovative active ownership approach with macroeconomic expertise, global connectivity, and a private equity mindset.

Taking advantage of market opportunities and special situations, xCAP focuses on tailor-made strategies and surety of execution, securing best-in-class solutions.

xCAP compiles multi-dimensional strategies, aligning economic interests that have the potential to solve intractable problems and, thereby, create previously unrealized value.


xCAP's business approach is strategic while pragmatic and execution-oriented, accelerating transformation through connectivity, as it evaluates investments relative to how they contribute to our targeted overall goals, making XCAP asset-class and industry-agnostic.

xCAP's attention is buttressed by complementary strategies across two business areas:

Tailored specifically for institutional, strategic, and sovereign investors, xCAP actively manages investment strategies, portfolios, and vehicles for contemporary and responsible  financial governance and modern geostrategic investing. xCAP’s special focus is to integrate macroeconomic advantages and goals with financial returns

CAP offers bespoke investment banking services for deals Euro 250M+ by sourcing, raising, structuring, negotiating, and executing M&A and financial transactions - bringing together the right stakeholders to each individual deal. In this capacity, xCAP handles, in particular, private equity buyouts, IPOs, LBOs, MBOs, divestments, acquisition financing, and recapitalizations.


xCAP's investment concept is based on identifying multi-dimensional transformation opportunities while remaining industry and asset-class agnostic with a high emphasis on financial, hybrid, and strategic returns.

xCAP examines potential investments on quantitative and qualitative factors while also analyzing potential investment partners and policy frameworks very complex and deep.

xCAP invests in opportunities where it can add value and accesses primarily confidential off-market opportunities thanks to an outstanding international network. xCAP considers investment opportunities from all over the world. With xCAP's broad spectrum of relationships and resources, xCAP identifies and realizes opportunistic investment projects of different types and sizes across industries from xCAP's global network of investor and capital market relationships.


xCAP has a single investment criterion: Whatever we touch has to be best-in-class, meeting our specific criteria and tailored strategy.

xCAP gets involved in projects considered attractive from an active investor's perspective and works with the best partners that the market can offer. xCAP cultivates an active ownership culture approach by aligning the interests of all stakeholders and initiating a defined value creation array to generate substantial and systematical alpha returns.


xCAP is active throughout the entire investment process cycle - from sourcing opportunities to structuring them, providing access to capital and acquisition financing, facilitating the deal-making process, and supporting negotiations to closing the deal.

xCAP carries out complex deals, seamlessly managing multifaceted stakeholder relationships and crafting meticulous exit strategies on behalf of institutional investors.

xCAP's active investment allocation strategy is defining a new era of strategic investing that follows a holistic approach.